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Proudly Providing Home Inspections and Radon Testing to the Portland Metro Area

What makes us the best choice for your inspection services in Portland?

Your home is one of your biggest investments. Whether you’re buying or selling, a high-quality home inspection provides the valuable information you need to make sound decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

That’s where we come in.

Our home inspection service is exceptionally thorough and informative. That’s because we take our time with every home inspection and use specialized tools for optimum results. We invite our clients to accompany us and ask questions. It’s like getting a course in home ownership! And finally, we provide a detailed and easy-to-understand inspection report complete with tips and recommendations.

When it comes to your home, having the right information at your fingertips can mean a world of difference. Let us help you make informed decisions about one of the most significant investments of your life.

More Than Just an Inspection, Guaranteed

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